Thursday, April 15, 2021

Police Video Released of Adam Toledo Fatal Shooting by Police Following Chase as Chicago Braces for Protests


Chicago in the shadow of 4 days of riots and arrests in Brooklyn Center
Has released videos of the shooting of Adam Toledo and is bracing for riots from rising racial tempers
Police responded to shots fired and came upon two blacks
The adult male Roman knocked to the ground, but Toledo fled and his chase ended in a deadly climax
Roman is without a gun and the cops may have thought he gave it to the kid
Question that must be answered did Toledo he keep it or toss it before being shot to rid
Video shows Toledo running to stop and then turn around
Cannot see if a gun is in his hand but one is photo’d near him on the ground
Bullets in the gun match the casings of Roman’s shots that caused police call
Hope DNA of Toledo is found on gun as not seeing gun in video a riot may not stall
But rising distrust of the police in cop on black shootings may claim gun was a plant
To stoke the flames of riots rising from the “Justice for Adam Toledo” chants
Chicago with its wave of black on black shootings is like the Wild West
But here very few shootings and murders are solved not enough deterring arrest
Mayor Lightfoot instead of stoking the fires and calling it an assassination
Calling upon police to find who gave Toledo the gun to face trial and incarceration
His death is a tragedy and from it a lesson to all citizens black or white to follow
Never resist arrest or try to flee no matter how innocent you feel and how hard guilt is to swallow

© April 15, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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