Sunday, April 18, 2021

Madonna Idiotically Wants to Deny Cops Right of Trial if Charged With Shooting a Civilian


Because Madonna is a celebrity she believes when she opines she is a listened-to draw
But when she intones on putting cops in jail without trial she is totally flawed
A cornerstone of this nation is that all persons white, brown, yellow or black
Are innocent until proven guilty before their freedoms they will lack
That rule to civilians and cops equally applies
Yet for cops due process she wants to deny
This aging star who has sold records wants to abolish the 6th if the crime involves cops
In her mind if a cop is charged in a killing he needs to immediately go to prison chop chop
Is her ego so large that she is blind as to the stupidity of what she desires
At least she does not demand without trial they are tied to a stake and immersed in  fire
She knows she can unleash her idiotic rhetoric with consequences that are nil
If knows that if she dials 911 the cops she maligns to aid to come they always will
Sadly for rabid anti cop haters like Madonna at precincts there are no Madonna do not respond lists
Even no when or if Madonna calls 911 slow walk to the emergency exists
Madonna knows with her armed security and gated walls
Very unlikely she would ever need to make a 911 emergency call
Perhaps the only way to in her some common sense sanity to instill
Is to when it comes to her movies, concerts, books and records don’t spend any of our bills

© April 18, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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