Wednesday, April 28, 2021

More Unity Bait and Switch in Biden's SOTUS With Systematic Racism and White Supremacy Cards


As sure as the Sun rises in the West, MSM was heaping on Biden SOTUS a steady stream of praise
A beacon of hope to after the CV pandemic and 4 years of Trump to the spirits of Americans raise
From Brian Williams we had to listen that Biden’s SOTHUS before Congress lacked the pomp it deserved
To before an almost empty mask wearing fully vaccinated Congress the myth of CV spreading preserve
When it came to swooning over the speech look no further for worst offender than Lester Holt
Claimed spending proposals were popular but ignoring they exceeded profits of the corporations that paid no taxes by billions proved to be a dolt
This poet thought even though platitudes of unity and come together and Americans never stay down
Was hopeful until toward the end the bait and switch to show the true nature of this clown
Most cops are decent people doing their job
but systematic racism their professionalism rob
Then to the cry that the existential threat we face
Is white supremacy running amok in every place
Not a word about the police who in record numbers in the line of duty have died
Not a word about the rising trend of color on color on color shootings that cannot be denied
A call for paid preschool and college and not a peep on indoctrination not learning in class
Only, if we do not spend more money to have students at their desks longer the world will us pass
With the left’s almost total control of the narrative with the MSM and censorship lackeys at social media tech
They must believe that the rise in illegals and  progressive spending will not be checked
American people are smarter than that and they will learn that unchecked spending is a curse
And will shift across the aisle very quickly as our prosperity and standing go into reverse
© April 28, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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