Sunday, April 11, 2021

Blues Overcome Vetoes in Maryland and Demolish Police Bill of Rights--No One Will Want to Be a Cop


By the Grace of God while shootings in Maryland are up

Maybe too much crack before shooting has their aim too corrupt
While Baltimore with crime with murders in a wave
Is on a path to reduce the Thin Blue Line that victims of crime save
Worse the legislature with majority Blues
Have shown when it comes to stopping crime they are without a clue
Foolishly overcame 3 vetoes of the Police Bill of Rights
Which will deter most sane people from becoming cops to join in the anti-crime fight
For example if you are going to arrest a dangerous subject that many be armed you don’t first knock
You ram in the door, tossing in flash bags to the felon put into shock
With surprise on the cops’ side you have a chance to make an arrest with no one getting shot
But if limited to daytime only great chance no felon is home and you won’t arrest the one they have sought
No one is going to put their family’s security on the line
To be judged in lawyer like hindsight for decisions made in split seconds’ time
The Blue Legislators from crime are mostly safe and secure
Oblivious to the harm to others’ safety their acts will insure
© April 10, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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