Sunday, April 18, 2021

How Stupid Do You Have to Be to Be an Unarmed Traffic Control Officer to Make a Traffic Stop


Too often we have traffic stop videos seen
To in horror realize that no traffic stop by police is routine
A stopped suspect sudden heads off on a high speed chase or pulls a gun
Too many times an officer is SOL not able to draw before  the shots have begun  
With police leaving the Thin Blue Line in decades high rates
Tired of cities not having their backs and endless leftist anti-cop berates
Disgusted when celebs like Madonna rant the cops who kill should go to prison for the rest of their lives without trial
No longer willing to risk their lives and have to endure such hateful and disgusting bile
The Minneapolis City Council has come up with the brilliant idea of banning cops
From engaging in any observed violation and then making a traffic stop
What makes these city council member think
That an armed felon on probation or warrant will not shot with nary a blink
A taser into a stopped felon most likely not kill
But a bullet from a felon’s gun most certainly will
Only unarmed traffic cops who are complete fools
Will seek the job when a taser and a bullet proof are their only protection tools
© April 18, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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