Sunday, April 18, 2021

Mass Shootings Not the Major Problem Black on Black Shootings Is


The real problem in this nation is not mass shootings

Which may or may not be topped with deadly riots served with assaults, burnings and lootings

No, the real problem in Blue run cities is color on color shootings and killings that Blue leaders continue to ignore

Daily in urban areas we witness too many persons of color shedding blood and gore

Since 2015, 401 unarmed civilians nationwide have been shot and killed by cops

If racial percentage same as killings say 30 % were blacks whose life was stopped

Regardless of whether a black victim shot by cops was armed or not

The BLM is so quick to head to the streets if a black has been shot

But if a black in an urban area like Chicago is shot like in most shootings by a civilian black

Any protest or complaint by the BLM you will find a complete lack

In Chicago 3 persons have been killed by police and 190 by civilians mostly black

Total silence by BLM, not a peep for the MSM to track.

In Chicago a black father is in serious condition and his 3 yr. old daughter is not coming back Their crime

shot in a drive by shooting while in a parking lot going for a Big Mac

© April 18, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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