Friday, April 2, 2021

Cardinal and Wildcats Duo Rule, SEC and Big East Drool--Go Cardinal!


Friday was a great afternoon for the Pac 12
In Women’s Basketball, first the SEC dreams of a championship were shelved
In an exciting game against the Gamecocks, the Cardinal prevailed by one
Then to wait to see whether the Wildcats would end the Huskies normal final game run
In another close game against the perennial favored team in the Final Four
To the Huskies dismay, the Wildcats aped a prior game and shut the championship door
On Sunday watching it at home will be the leaders of the SEC and Big East
While fans slighted due to time zones will be enjoying a talent PAC 12 feast
At 300 p.m. on Sunday, the Cardinal and the Wildcats on the floor will meet
Sadly in one game format only one team must go down to defeat
This poet alum from the school were the winds of freedom are supposed to blow free
Wishes the best team wins but hopes the Cardinal will be making a ton of threes
And with the pandemic now finally showing signs of being on the run
Fans can gather together and watch enthralled that normalcy is returning and Stanford has won.
© April 2, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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