Friday, April 2, 2021

Another Rush to Biased White Supremacy Judgment on a Farrakhan Supporter Killing a D.C. Cop


A sad day in the Swamp as a Capitol policeman died
Run over by a car that barriers surrounding the Capitol he defied
Left his crashed car and with machete in hand charged the cops
Leaving them with no choice and to death he was shot
In the advocacy journalism of the fake news left
Where objectivity and honesty is victim of 24/7 theft
Noah Green was black and a support of Farrakhan
A noted anti-Semite who wants Jews rid from this land
MSN was quick to label the attacker as white
Fits the MSM narrative that White Supremacy is biggest danger we fight
We mourn for the death of a cop who like almost all who carry a shield
Daily put their lives on the line so the forces of evil we do not have to yield
But we should be outraged at the narrative that the MSM is driven to push
Any danger is caused by white supremacists as reality they ambush
Such a rush to judgment to fit their narrative they cannot resist
Mere pawns of the DNC of a free press save Fox and few that no longer exists

© April 2, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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