Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Thanks to Mad Maxine Her Jury Intimidation Cast Doubt on Chauvin's Jury Guilty on All Counts Verdict



Watching a video seeing a man in handcuffs die made me sick
Could not fathom any justification for a knee on this neck

Repeated calls of “I can’t breathe” should forced the knee to on his neck to no longer stick
Wondering why Chauvin such potentially deadly force chose to elect
After Floyd’s death burnings and looting and assault on the men in blue
Even quickly charging Chauvin with 3rd degree murder did not the riots quell
Nor soon upping the charge to 2nd degree did not mean rioters were through
BLM was hell bent to force White America on police excessive use of force dwell
Despite the howls of the left like Handler who due process for Chauvin would decry
Whose idea due process was that Chauvin had to prove he was innocent
So similar to the left’s attempt to Bork Kavanaugh, shifting burden to him ignoring his denial replies
The People had to prove beyond a reasonable doubt he was guilty before to prison he could be sent
Even though Floyd had fentanyl in his system and had a bad heart
People proved major cause of death was knee on his neck that Chauvin would not relent
A guilty verdict in less than 11 hours perhaps a fear of riots the jury from due process choose to depart?
This guilty verdict would have been most likely a piece of cake
That is until Maxine Waters chose to in person threaten riots if a not guilty verdict was read
A golden get out of verdict appeal card for him and for her a contemptable mistake
Clouding the waters with questions to linger—did the jury convict on evidence or on the intimidation of riots instead?

© 4/20/2021 The Alaskanpoet

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