Monday, April 19, 2021

29 Years After L.A. Riot Mad Maxine Urging Confrontation--Pelosi Open Up Your Eyes and Strip Her of Her Chair


The Rodney King beating after a traffic stop by the LAPD
Was maybe one of the first for police violence against blacks to see
The 4 officers were tried but not convicted by an all-white jury
After the black community having seen the video expected a guilty verdict and erupted in fury
The Los Angeles riots lasted for 5 days until by National Guard and federal troops put down
With over 12,000 arrests, 63 dead, over 2,000 injured and over a $ billion of damage from widespread burning and looting across the town
A video of a much younger Mad Maxine has now been replayed
Showing her with the same confrontational nature displayed
Urging blacks not to go inside but only in their anger not get hurt
Lost in her anger seeming to condone black expression of it as they deem fit a weak protest against violence blurt
Some 29 years later and this angry confrontation fanatic is back ranting again
Same message of violence to the black community to send
Do not be surprised by her behavior rants repeat
No consequences of her outrage in 1992 did she ever meet
In her mind she is above the law and can act as she sees fit with impunity
Time for Pelosi to open her eyes and House to act and strip her of her sense of false immunity
Censure and remove her from her committee chair
We do not want to see more Minneapolis looting and burning and flames rising into the air!
© April 19, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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