Thursday, April 29, 2021

Sadly Chris Ward One of the Deputies Noted in Earlier Blog Has Died RIP


Earlier I blogged about the danger of police work cops never knowing what to expects
Two deputies in Watauga County went to a house due to employer worried for a wellness check
Both were surprised by a gunman and shot with one able to be airlifted away
With such a quick response with little known facts I thought he would live to see many a day
Sadly not to be the case and 56 year old veteran deputy Chris Ward at the hospital died
The other seems like he is still in the house with his escape by the shooter denied
Not a mention by Biden in his ending systematic racism SOTUS rant
Prays and condolences for the survivors the left feels our officials should not grant
And from the BLM protesting in Elizabeth City in the same state
Most are probably like frying bacon, pleased this deputy met a deadly fate
Checking in to see someone who might be in need was okay
Not a clue behind the door a gunman waiting to slay
For the deputy wounded and still inside for his safety I pray
And for Ward my eyes are misting and shedding tears
We are losing too many officers and without them we should all fear
If BLM had any sanity to try to diminish black shooting deaths
They would stop their anti-cop rhetoric and take a deep breath
And focus on urban area black on black shootings and killings rising off the charts
Find out what we as a nation must do to the decrease in such killings finally start
Please rest in well-deserved peace Chris Ward
I understand your donated organs will be to some a life extending reward
© April 28, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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