Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Harris Who Has Been MIA in Her Border Job Rewarded or Cursed with New Job to Get Jobs Plan Through Congress


Where’s Waldo who will not go near the border with a ten foot pole
Chance of failure to great to tarnish her 25th Amendment goal
Tonight she got a promotion to handle a new task
Not to see if Biden’s New Job Plan will work as that would be a normal question to ask
No getting it through Congress will be her new designated job
Not stated but hopefully without needing her vote to mantle of bipartisanship rob
On the border issue not a peep, not a press conference to her plans share
Sadly when it comes to understanding creation of jobs her experience cupboard is bare
Working with Congress to in a bipartisan fashion to on an agenda avoid gridlock
Is Biden’s job if his mental acuities were seemingly blocked
If I were taking bets as a Las Vegas bookie
Doubt we will see success from this partisan rookie
For those of us who feel that women can hold the two top executive offices in the land just as well as men
For future elections we hope the issue of failure on her two jobs is if but not when
On the border accept the fact that remittances from illegals back to home are in great need
And in the Triangle compared to foreign aid and domestic social programs easily exceed.
The only way to stop illegal immigration is to complete the wall and build two more
One around businesses with e-verify demands and fines and jail they will not ignore
The other around the banks and Western Unions to tax  or prevent on remittances to illegals’ home countries being sent.
© April 28, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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