Sunday, April 18, 2021

Mad Maxine Rants "To Get More Confrontational" to Threaten Chauvin Jury

 Any sane person with an IQ higher than room temp

Believes that politicians who advocate violence must be held in contempt
But Mad Maxine Waters believes from such condemnation she is exempt
Urges blacks in Minneapolis if Chauvin not convicted to riots in the streets attempt
This firebrand lunatic demanded people get into Trump officials faces
To force them to leave, fear for their safety if seen in public places
From her fellow Blues and the MSM nary a condemnation peep
When it comes to confronting this wolf of violence nothing but a herd of sheep
No deaths or bloody harm she has committed no foul
Ignoring the intimidation of massed voices in threatening howls
So to no surprise to Reds
She was emboldened and on “protests” full steam ahead
Time for them to get more confrontational, for violence to increase
Riots after Floyd’s death where burning, looting and cop assaults did not cease
This woman as a Committee Chair is a total disgrace
Ranting at Jordan to “shut your mouth” ending any decorum trace
When she rants so quickly and so often we should all ask the question “Why?”
Trump in a rush to judgment urging Reds to gather peacefully gather to  was impeached by Blues—her into the streets if not guilty obstruction of justice denied
© April 18, 2021 The Alaskanpoet 

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