Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Two Police Shot While Making a Wellness Check In North Carolina


Being a cop is becoming a dangerous job
Not because you just have to try to arrest those who kill and rob
But when a person’s life in danger one has to answer all hands of deck
For almost to a man or woman in blue their own personal safety they will reject
In Savannah, Georgia  a car was in a collision and burst into flames
Driver got out but passenger was unconscious with fires not being tamed
Police charged as opposed to the avoid danger of explosion slow walk
Managed to pull the unconscious passenger out when passenger door was blocked

In Elizabeth City on edge by the drumbeat of the BLM call that Brown, Jr. was executed
And blocked video release which should show that claim easy to be refuted
In the same state where police were called to make a wellness call
Employee’s family not answering their phone and employee from work AWOL
No guns drawn, they were there to see if someone was in deadly straits
Entered to check and being shot and wounded was their unexpected fate
One airlifted to a hospital and the other still inside fate unknown
Making a wellness check to help still can put police in a harm’s way zone
It seems it is becoming a rarity to not see police daily coming under attack
While more often than not they with good reason feel politicians do not have their backs
We can only hope the standoff in North Carolina will come to a peaceful end
An to the morgue a cop’s body and the shooter’s we will not have to send.

© April 28, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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