Friday, April 16, 2021

Yes Mayor Elliot There Is a Need For Guns At a Traffic Stop


When it comes to cops being shot in the line of duty, Mike Elliot, the mayor of Brooklyn Center must be blind
Intoned that guns are not needed when making a traffic stop showing he is out of his mind
While he seems to be on board of the movement to defund the police
Must remain ignorant that violence against them and citizens is not ready to cease
In San Antonio where  a day earlier police shot and killed a shooter in a garage at the airport
A routine traffic stop of a pickup on the highway turned without warning into one of a violent sort
His body cam was on but with no audio but a casual conversation seems to appear
The officer had no inkling that his loss of life he would soon fear
The driver without warning pulled a gun and started firing
Officer hit in non-gun hand to be able to shoot back and avoid expiring
Multiple gunshots from the truck
But the shooters were out of luck

Officer’s shots from training however were true
Driver and male passenger dead and female wounded in chest when shooting through
For a cop on a “routine” traffic stop no matter how it may seem routine
Almost no way of knowing as he or she approaches it will not spiral into a deadly shooting scene

© April 16, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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