Thursday, April 15, 2021

Pack the Court, End the Filibuster, Swamp and Puerto Rico Statehood, National w/o ID Voting=Lifetime Blue One Party State


Since the founding of this nation the idea of an independent Judiciary has been a cornerstone
3 equal branches to prevent the rights of citizens to be usurped and overthrown
Too many presidents and members of the Senate and the House have as their Holy Grail expanding their power
But Congress needs both Senate and House and in the Senate power grabs may only move at the speed of L.A. rush hour
But an imperial president that the Founder Fathers sought with the Constitution to prevent
Can with the stroke of a pen with an Executive Order, the will of the people circumvent
With control of two branches of the government we have seen Biden in an executive order surge
Motivated by not what may be needed for the good of the nation but for any trace of Trump’s years purge
Already cases questioning the validity of some of his Executive Orders being filed
To before what needs to be an independent judiciary face hearing or trial
Like FDR before them Blues want to expand and pack the court
So any obstruction on legal or Constitutional grounds they will abort
A very dangerous slippery slope to depart from the rule of law
Even a very liberal FDR saw the light & his packing the court ideas to withdraw
History shows us that judges of SCOTUS regardless of who appointed them have an independent mind
Look only to Eisenhower who appointed Earl Warren and was to his future rulings entirely blind
With a 50/50 spilt in the Senate and Harris to break the tie
The filibuster  fate lies in the hands of one or two brave Blues to Schumer defy
In the House where Pelosi holds a gavel and far too many puppet strings
One can only pray that some sanity to a few Blues this power grab will bring
Sadly watch for a lifetime grab of the Presidency and the Senate by the Blues
Statehood for the Swamp and Puerto Rico and national mail-in voting without ID as a step 2

© April 15, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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