Sunday, April 11, 2021

Anti-Capitalist BLM Leader Patrisse Khan-Cullors Rakes in Enough to Buy $1.4 Million House


 Since the shooting of Trevon Martin, Black Lives Matter has taken this nation by storm
Whenever there is a cop shooting or physical altercation with blacks, their peaceful turned violent protests too often the norm
Looting, burning and assaults on the cops has become part of the American scene
And any voice that rises up to condemn their deadly violence is by them and MSM demeaned
No citizen regardless of race
Should ever unnecessary force by the police face
But the charges of systemic racism sowed by the BLM have planted the White Guilt seeds
After almost daily charges echoed by MSM. Sprouted so  corporate America is giving the BLM what they need
The selling of absolution for White Guilt has racked in 90 million bucks
Pushing the needle that the curse of systematic racism is forever stuck
Patrisse Khan-Cullors sits at the head of BLM to fight “unnecessary” force from the cops
White Guilt infected Americans must believe payments to BLM will make “racism” stop
But maybe the dollars in the form of salary to her have found their way
Enough for a $1.4 million house near Malibu for her as her home stay
Is she a vanguard an advance force to integrate a neighborhood almost 90 percent white
While too many residents of color are terrified to become a victim of shootings day or night?
Or is she a scammer of the system and a rabid anti-capitalist first rate
With her place in the Sun while too many blacks to advance the ladder wait?
Ironic she attacks the hand of the system that has sent her so much cash
Knowing if she is honest there is nothing to replace it if she makes in crash
© April 10, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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