Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Judge Delays Release of Dash Cam and Body Cam Videos for 30 Days That Should Sink BLM Brown Execution Claim


The shooting by police of Andrew Brown, Jr. was a tragedy that would have been so easy to prevent
As the BLM narrative that being shot while fleeing was an execution continues to be sent
Andrew Brown was not a saint but a drug dealer with a rap sheet 180 pages long
Not just weed but drugs that cause overdoses and usage is wrong
Distributing crack’ cocaine, cocaine, heroin/fentanyl and meth
Safe bet that over the years a good number of his users met an untimely death
Crump his wallet filled with his settlement for Floyd’s suit for wrongful death
Without hesitation  without a pause for a breath
Attacked police for release of warrant info to Brown’s character assassinate
To distract attention from the claim that execution by the police was his fate
Ignores the D.A.’s claim Brown hit an officer backing up and aiming at other moving forward as he then fled
Had he not he would be in jail awaiting arraignment trying to post bail instead
What would BLM have wanted the cops to do—let him flee and follow in a high speed chase
Exposing them and other drivers and pedestrians to unwanted dangers to face
Or let him go free and try an arrest another time
Or maybe in their eye ignore the OD’s and dismiss the crimes
Brown died not because of color his or the cops
But because he fled in a car and would not stop
Judge delay release of dash videos and body cams for 30 days
Given BLM’s obsession to find guilt doubt if until then protests and maybe riots will not be delayed
© April 28, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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