Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Tlaib Rants for Ending Policing and Incarceration Over Wright's Death, Potter Resigns--Empathy for Her Mistake?


The death of Daunte Wright was a tragedy that never would have happened if he did not try to flee
Outstanding warrant for failure to appear for misdemeanor gun charge would mean after arrest he would soon be free
He broke free of a handcuffing attempt, diving into his car
He could have sped away prompting a potential dangerous high speed chase cops had to try to bar
25 year veteran Kim Potter screamed at him to stop or he would be tased
Hard to believe Wright could not hear in an adrenaline daze
She yelled again “Taser” and pointed the black “taser” and shot
Tragedy for Wright, her and Minneapolis a taser it was not
Wright drove off wounded and two blocks later he died
Never would have happened if being arrested he defied
Potter who will carry the burden of mistakenly using deadly force
For the rest of her life and also fearful as the ensuing riots run their course
Resigned as did the Chief of Police
While Tlaib  rushes to judgment demanding policing and incarceration should cease
The deadly mistake of guns as tasers has happened before
A simple fix to prevent again we seem to have ignored
Toy guns are mandated to have a red tip
To prevent an accidental to the morgue trip
Why not paint the entire taser a bright yellow or red
Impossible for a cop to mistake a gun for a taser and shoot someone dead

© April 13, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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