Tuesday, March 30, 2021

The Cardinal of Color Heads to the Final Four Nest And the Cardinal Bird Heads Home

In  the Women’s Elite  two Cardinals met, one a color the other a bird
The one from Louisville was netting threes at a pace that seemed absurd
Stanford’s leading scorer had her shooter’s touch bail
Sure looked in the first half than Stanford’s path to the Final four was doomed to fail
Down by 12 at the end of the half , the biggest ever deficit this year
More so than ever the team needed some  motivating thoughts by Tara Van Deveer
Not sure what to the team that  she and the coaches said
We are not going to lose, tighter defense and shoot to victory instead
The Color came out in the third with a defense obsessed
The early wide open threes were now under stress
Stanford regained the lead and lost it to at the end of the third to trail
But in the fourth the winds of upset went out of Louisville’s sails
The winds of freedom were now blowing threes
And the winds of defense shut down the bird shooters from running free
A well fought comeback from a  team that depth of talent does not lack
Now  faces South Carolina who the offense of Texas totally stuffed and  sacked
With the zones meaning PAC 12 games are too often past sportswriters’ deadlines
Would be so refreshing if Championship Game was a PAC 12 Stanford v. Arizona this time
© March 30, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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