Monday, March 15, 2021

As Newsom's Recall Moves to Reality Blues Claiming Right Wing Conspiracy Circle Wagons for Him


Across the nation Blues are finally starting to read the handwriting on the wall
In Bluest of the Blue states, Gruesome Newsom will be facing the state’s second only recall
Gray Davis who succeeded Wilson was the second governor to be recalled in this nation
The electricity brownouts, sky rocketing deficits caused by bust  trumped his campaign donations
An aloof governor who tried to pare the deficit growing by leaps and bounds with a car tax
Outraged vehicle loving and driving Californians to add fuel to the fire and give him the axe
Newsom’s problems are more severe caused by a pandemic and his shutdowns that flooded the unemployment lines
In charge of an unemployment compensation system that crashed and then to get checks out ran out of time
The Golden State became the State of Iron Pyrite
Homeless soaring, prisons emptied , schools failing and closed nothing he touched seemed right
But the icing on the cake of ineptness was his arrogance of do what I say not what I do
Touting falsely “We are all in this together” when it came to obeying lockdowns he was through
When mere mortals were confined to homes, he and wife were at the French Laundry not doing wash
But enjoying $400 a plates meals with a donor while our freedoms by lockdowns were being squashed
Blues are trying to frame the recall as a right wing attempt to Sacramento regain
Ignoring the facts quite clear and easy to see that it’s Newsom’s policies to blame
Recalling  Newsom to have a better direction may come to naught
His replacement may be another leftist Blue to continue the state’s increasing rot
© March 15,2021 The Alaskanpoet

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