Friday, March 19, 2021

8th Accuser Like Franken Time For Cuomo's Time in Office to Tanken


The end of the reptilian brain and Cuomo will soon near
As the 8th accuser of his sexual harassment has just appeared
A current Cuomo aide Alyssa McCrath
Has claimed she was the victim of his sexual harassment craft
Given his death sentence to 15,000 seniors in nursing homes
Then concealing the true number and never trying to for their deaths atone
Should lead all who have parents and grandparents in or facing in the future long term care
Why with such a record of lying and concealment this arrogant governor is still in the governor’s chair?
Add to these two grievous strikes his shutdowns at the drop of the hat
Massive number of businesses pinned forever the out of business Cuomo mat
And the cry should be loud across party lines across this State called the Empire
Start Impeachment proceedings immediately if he does not immediately retire
Continue the nursing home deaths and his concealment of the facts criminal investigation
Insure justice for him is blind demand prosecution even if the facts lead to probably incarceration
© March 19, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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