Friday, March 19, 2021

In Pelosi's Mind There Is No Crisis At the Border Only Not Enough Illegal Future Blue Voters Coming Across


Pelosi with a lying straight face intones on camera with a voice so pious
“At the border everything is under control there is no crisis!”
As largest number of illegals in 20 years are on our border coming across
In her power hungry mind welcome future voters to prevent Blue losses
If there is a crisis it is because to her the number is not high enough
Without more illegals becoming voters Blues will still have to the ballot boxes stuff
 She claims increased migration is right and humane
Ignores the financial costs of unskilled illiterates as our standard of living goes down the drain
Pelosi inanely believes U.S. Aid money sent to Central America is the carrot that will keep them home
The stick of border security, ICE and deportations no longer needed she intones
Ignores the fact that money sent home by illegals dwarfs our foreign aid
Money that could be spent here in a damaged CV economy to aid
She is ignorant that U.S. Aid to raise standard of living  not a sure thing, will cost billions and take a very long time
In the meantime  low income whites, Hispanics, and blacks will see falling wages and lost jobs and our cities swamped in a wave of drugs and crime.
© March 19, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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