Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Cancel Culture Warriors Let Loose Have Declared War on Doctor Seuss


For the PC and Cancel Culture Warriors  nothing is sacred and from traditions we must be cut loose
Sadly on this Read Across America Day their crusades include my beloved Dr. Seuss
To a former 5 year old entered in a talent contest in a Petersburg, Alaska Moose Club
Expanding Cancel Culture to target a beloved poet is an over the line wrong way rub
My poetic parents decided I would with no singing talent recite Thidwick the Big Hearted Moose
Each word committed to memory and all my young powers to emote set loose
Have to have a soft spot for a Moose in a territory where hunting for meat was prime time
Great illustrations of Thidwick and his antler squatters along with the full rhymes
Of a host who went out of his way to accommodate in his antlers a growing number of guests
Who with their insatiable demands were becoming more and more like pests
Abandoned by his fellow moose and banned from crossing to the lake’s far shore
His needs to be by his now unwanted guests ignored
Soon to starve without  being able to moose moss munch
Despairing on how to rid himself of this unwelcome heavy bunch
Saved by the hunters who were chasing him down
And by fact antlers by shedding to his head no longer bound
Do not be surprised if the Cancel Culture and PC Warriors soon have Thidwick in their sights
Xenophobic attack since in their minds illegal aliens are endowed with an open border right
Ignoring the fact like a poor gracious host our standard of living would be dragged down
Open borders to all regardless of our needs is a policy inane and unsound
Today defy the Cancel Culture Warriors and read to your children Dr. Seuss
More so  than ever time for these idiots to chill out and enter an unconditional truce

© March 2, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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