Thursday, March 18, 2021

For Newsom Private School For His 4 Kids with in Class Learning Makes Him a Zoom Parent--Really?


Finally for Newsom the reality of a recall is closing in
Now trying to claim a right wing Red conspiracy spin
Reaching out trying to convince outraged parents he’s one of us
As the Blue adjunct of his party the teachers’ unions threw kids under the bus
Newsom goes on the liberal oasis CNN
Bemoans difficulty of being a Zoom parent trying to their sympathy win
Typical of his arrogance to assume the voters won’t learn the facts
His 4 kids are in private schools and since November in class learning they do not lack
Like Cuomo Newsom’s arrogance and ego place him from the voters out of touch
In his mind he can do not wrong, a living example of a flawless nonesuch
Explains why he and his wife could dine with a lobbyist at The French Laundry for his B-day bash
Bet over $400 per plate morsels they talked about how to have offered more campaign cash
His belief defies the reality of his EDD hit with tidal wave of unemployed crash
Forcing unemployed without benefits for weeks to see their dreams and security thrown out with the trash
The complaint list of homeless, illegal alien aid, crime, and deadly anti business views is long
On recall day even if replaced with a moderate Blue, his record should convince us he does not belong
No pity for Newsom who hopefully will make recall history
As second governor thrown out oblivious and believing it was a right wing mystery.

© March 18, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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