Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Bring Back Mr. Smith to Washington to Prevent End of Filibuster

Biden and his fellow Blues look more and more like they are prepared to govern alone
End the filibuster in the Senate to turn that august debating body into a Blue rubber stamp zone
Knowing that every two years new faces in the House and Senate appear
They are pushing through voting changes to insure a Red majority will never again appear
Mail in voting, no voter id, absentee ballots to be harvested, registration on election day
Millions of votes to be counted after polls close to give time for non in person voting after the election to results sway
Add the Swamp as a state and Puerto Rico and add Guam for icing on the electoral cake
Too bad voters did not see through the Bunker Biden noncandidacy campaign to see what was at stake
One party rule where minority party votes are not needed or sought
Will crumble this Republic and reduce it to overbearing governmental rot
Trying to some tradition of the Senate conserve
Some Blues speak of a talking filibuster needed to the right preserve
Shades of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington with James Stewart speaking until he falls
Or is it a filibuster relay that refreshed Senators step in when one is ready to hit the wall?
Not sure as details have to emerge but if we are to go down path of one party rule
Anyone who thinks that will not be a massive curtailment of liberty and prosperity is a total fool.

© March 16, 2021 The Alaskanpoet 

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