Saturday, February 25, 2023

Mother with 5 Year Old Angry Man in a Wheel Chair Would Not Move So She and Child Could Sit Down


Pass It On has a commercial of a young man on a crowded bus with no seats
Ear pods in ears listening to his music’s beat
An elderly woman gets on and is forced to stand
At her age unseated the pain of the stop and go hard to withstand
The man pulls out his ear pods, stands up and offers her his seat
She overjoyed accepts and happy that such a gentlemen was there for her to meet
Fast forward from the make believe influence world of public service ads to life’s reality
A woman with a 5 year old on a full bus to a man in a wheel chair made a plea
To move his wheel chair so  she and her daughter could sit down together and he didn’t agree
Asked again and received the same answer no
As if in a wheel chair strapped he had the ability to another place go
So the woman who stood up with her daughter later went on social media to ask
Whether it was right for her to plea again for the man in a wheel chair to perform that task
The majority of responses said no and ridiculed her as a person with legs
To be angry that a man who could not walk refused to comply with her beg
Something in the article seems not right
After a wheel chair comes up the ramp the driver folds the seat and secures the wheel chair down tight
Where it stays until the at rider’s bus stop he pulls the cord
There’s no stopping of the bus to rearrange locations when a mother and child come aboard
The man in the wheel chair and the bus driver would resist
The woman is claiming a right or privilege that doesn’t exist

© 2/25/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


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