Friday, February 24, 2023

Black Middle School Teach In Hot Water For White Students Fanning and Feeding Their Black Classmates on Chairs As Ownersjheubg er iS


We continue to hear from the left that White Supremacy is a great threat to the nation
That it must be found, weeded out and face the most severe condemnation
The total elimination of racism has to be our number one priority, our number one goal
But all out efforts to eliminate one way racism is taking its toll
Too many leftists adhere to the idea that blacks as victims cannot against whites be racists
Impossible when CRT tells us blacks are oppressed and oppression by whites pervasively exists
In Florida a black middle school teacher had his students perform a skit
Since during Black History Month he thought it be fun and would fit
So black students were sitting on chairs with whites bowing as those not free
Getting up to feed them and creating a cooling, fanning breeze
Ethan Hooper the teacher made the mistake of posting on social media his skit
Put on leave and proceedings to be commence to him discharge as his school district was not pleased one bit
Some kids were pleased and wanted to participate
Doesn’t give him a pass as it ignores the power a teacher rates
Like the cases where a coach has his players pray before a game
Pressure to kneel to play even if unspoken not tamed
Might be better for Hooper to have some training on reverse discrimination
Than discharge as part of his deserved condemnation

© 2/24/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet  

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