Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Fremont #1, San Jose # 2, and Whopper of Whopper Disbelief SFO #5 in Survey of 180 Cities to Name the Happiest Huh?


Wallet Hub is out with its rankings of happiest cities to live in
180 of the largest cities examined 30 key indicators to see who was the happiness kingpin
The rankings are in a one city has won three times in a row
Wonder if the judges were smoking what is legal to use and grow
Even more suspect that the judges were still on a high
2 more cities in this state were ranked in the top five
Before the drum roll for the city identity to reveal
The state in which they are found is rapidly losing its appeal
Thousands upon thousands and many businesses are leaving in droves
In the forefront of the push to ban gas stoves
Highest tax rates in the nation and 2nd highest prices for gas
Hawaii, 3000 miles away, leads the nation and by $.10 a gallon the state surpasses
The state which leads the nation in the number of homeless and if counted the number of used needles in the parks and streets
Where in the near the state will the sale of new gas powered cars defeat
Paraphrasing John Donne no city is an island in its state
How did Fremont #1, San Jose #2 and the whopper of all whoppers San Francisco #5 win in the most happiest debate?
Were the pollsters by the leaders of the Chambers of Commerce tendered a bribe?
Or in case of SFO also overcome by feces stench and  with others still on a high ride?

© 2/28/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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