Monday, February 27, 2023

Latest Lie in Long History of Biden Lies Put to Rest As There Are Not 9000 Unused Drilling Pemits


Biden has had a long public “service” career
Where his embellishments or outright lies too often appear
From the infamous Corn Pop at a swimming pool
To his lie on unused drilling permits the American public he is always trying to fool
His constant lie to help in his war on fossil fuels of unused drilling permits
Finally after many months of lies the truth he had to admit
There were not 9000 approved drilling permits not in use
The latest in his proclivity to the truth submit to abuse
Now that he is older the embellishment and lies still continue from his lips
His defense might be plausible that memory losses his recollection grips
Logical for someone at 82 who has aneurisms 1 and 2
Further evidence his cognitive fitness is through
Harris would be a disaster so he continues to serve but must not run
Time to retire in 2024 after 1 term and be done
If Trump does not surrender to his ego and runs sadly Biden has a good chance
But only if without Harris he seeks a second term to his agendas advance
The Word Salad Queen lacks any sliver of Presidential Timber
Biden’s puppet masters will from the campaign wagon quickly her unlimber
No way he would live for more years
Harris stepping is too great a fear
To keep Clyburn happy he will have to find another woman who is black
If Mayor Black of L.A. dents the homeless problem and scraps lowering police academy standards she has a chance she to be on the campaign track

© 2/27/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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