Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Mandatory Diversity Class in George Washington University Is Woke Platform to Promote Anti-Semitism


Americans were rightly outraged by the Iron Curtain by Stalin
Where millions thinking liberation from the Nazis were now crestfallen
Ideas and news from the West could not get in and people could not get out to the West
Free speech and the free voting ceased to exist and criticizing the government led to arrest
Children turned against parents and people lived in fear
Of the knock on the door in the early morning when the secret police would appear
Sadly this nation is facing a similar Iron like curtain in the form of Woke
This cancer has infected all segments of society and may be impossible to revoke
Freedom of speech is a Woke high priority target to squelch independent thought
Complete adherence to the ideas of the left no matter how inane is sought
George Washington University has a mandatory class in diversity
Taught by a very leftist Professor Lara Sheehi
Discussing an incident of suicide bombing that Jews killed and maimed
A student had the temerity to the attack an attack by terrorists named
Sheehi went thought the roof claiming Islamophobia aggression
The student filed a complaint on antisemitism while class was in session
Buttressed by the fact this leftist Woke brought a speaker who killing Jews justified
Such rabid Woke access on our campuses must be denied
It is not an attack on free speech
When killing Jews and Americans the speaker teaches

© 2/1/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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