Monday, February 27, 2023

Catholic Girls Football Team in Vermont Forfeits In State Championship Game Because Opponent Has Transgenders--Gloria Allred Where Are You


As the push for gender identity seeks to supplant biological identity
After all these years of women’s sports becoming a reality
Thanks to the passage of Title IX that athletic directors fought tooth and nail
In the belief money diverted from football and male basketball would cause those programs to fail
Fortunately they were wrong then and as Title IX has flourished wrong today
But for women’s athletics there is a growing danger that will women’s sports slay
The latest leftist crusade is to promote gender identity that you are the sex you feel
With transgenders fully equipped roaming women’s locker rooms and bathrooms to their manhood reveal
No requirement for gender transformation surgery or estrogen female enhancing hormone injections
To allow such a transgender to without be treated as a woman merits only rejection
The left wants to go to any lengths to one’s sexual identity transform
Social media, peer pressure and dangerous puberty blockers as the norm
Only adults as long as someone else not injured or deprived should have that right
But not preteen and teen children the knowledge or approval of transformation is often kept from the parents’ sight
In Vermont which has a law forbidding discrimination of transgenders in sports
But evidently allows a case by case determination to that right abort
Not sure if the time frame gives any reasonable chance of relief
Or the costs block any action due to financial grief
But a Catholic Girls Football team in the state championship tournament forfeited its game
Playing football against transgender males the risk of danger they could not contain
Here is a suggested solution
Transgenders play only transgenders with not enough to form teams end this misguided revolution

© February 27, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


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