Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Where Have All the Flubs Gone--Harf Is Leaving

The news coming out of the State Department is a blow to the monologues of late night shows
The feminine form of Joe Biden when it comes to gaffes says it’s time to go
As the spokeswoman for the Department of State, Marie Harf’s gaffs were great fodder for the likes of Fallon and Leno
Never a dull moment when she was on stage for the crisis of the day State Department throes
Peering out of those glasses that must have had rose-colored lens
She had a talent to put her foot into her mouth again and again
From dismissing allegations of Bergdahl’s desertion as rumors
To providing jobs to Muslim youths as a way to destroy the ISIS tumor
Harf was a true piece of work that made one feel sorry for her latest gaff
But at the same time liking her for so often making us laugh
Laughter is a great solvent of barriers to break down
No matter the gaffer’s political views, all of us will applaud a clown
The move from spokeswoman to advising Kerry was easy to predict
Once Psaki as White House Communications Director by Obama was picked
The press could now concentrate on only Harf’s numerous flubs
No human being wants to be by the press’ probing question be drubbed
So she had to move to advising Kerry or spending more time with strong drinks
Hopefully in providing strategic advice, she will have less chance to flub and more time to think
© May 27, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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