Friday, May 29, 2015

38 Deaths Arrests Down in the Wild West

The Nenana Ice Classic is Alaska’s great betting pool
Much harder In an era of trying to guess whether the earth is warming or staying cool
For charity thousands buy tickets to the exact moment predict
When the ice on the Tenana River breaks up and boat movement no longer restricts
March Madness brings office productivity to almost a complete halt
As millions pour over brackets trying to divine the 65 teams’ strengths and faults
Elements of some betting skill but with an upset lurking at each game
Often sheer luck the hands on favored teams tames
Super Bowl Sunday pools capture the nation but here the pools are a game of luck
Hoping you haven’t picked a square uncovering a “2” or a “5” so before kickoff you kiss off your twenty bucks
Sadly to these pools another one is getting some attention
Here no money will change hands but it is gaining a morbid mention
The pool without winners, only losers comes out of Baltimore
With two days left in May, will the trips to the morgue pass the all time score?
So far in May the number of murders stands one less than the record at 38
Terrified residents are wondering if they might share that deadly fate
Charm City is a name that really with all the bodies in the morgues does not fit
Worries that with the police indictments, the cops have given up and on arrests just quit
Charm City has become the Wild West with the bad guys all packing heat
For a civilian it is dangerous even in broad daylight to seen on the streets
Some might pooh pooh the loss, claiming it’s only a spike not a trend
Or that it is merely a case of gangs bringing their rivals to an untimely end
Misguided view that Baltimore will be a better place if the gangs kill each other
But victim 37 was an eight year boy and victim 38 was his mother
Hardly gang material and such a view totally ignores
That all lives matter, even gang bangers in Baltimore
Arrests are down because the cops feel under Mosby and Blake
They will be charged with a crime or lose their job if in an arrest there is the slightest mistake
No matter how much the cops are defiled by Mosby and Blake
Do not forget they are human and likely, to protect themselves, normal police work forsake
38 residents in May have paid the ultimate price; will the record of 39 be surpassed?
No line in Vegas but answer likely yes if this demonization of the Thin Blue Line continues to last
 © May 29, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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