Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Lady In Maroon at Starbucks

Nice thing about being a poet who feels he can rhyme of a literal dime
When an event occurs worthy of poetic treatment it happens most of the time
In a Starbucks where else writing away
On some of the headlines that are holding sway
When next to me a young woman laden with a lap top
With as in California like most such a sense of beauty and grace I had to stop
Not a member of the Red Hat Society because the hat was not pink
Maroon with a style hat was an immediate back to college link
She won the prize for the best looking hat, not money but the address of this blog
Brief conversation then both back to filling up our working log
Listening to a lonely man who had lost 7 years ago his wife
This lady with a maroon hat and poet empathized of his tale of coping with life
She will go by the name of K
A break from writing that made my day
What follows came to me at almost hyper speed
K liked it and I hope you too to will want it to read
Lady in Maroon
Why are we locked into the stereotypes?
That are so hard to erase, change or away wipe
Never make passes
At girls wearing glasses
Nurses can only be of the female sort
For a man something in his masculinity coming up short
Better yet
All stereotypes to forget
Look not to the cover, but look to the inner core
The mysteries and surprises all humans have in store
Look not to the degree or zip code
Rather when the chips are down does one carry one’s load
Look not to race, color, creed, car, yacht, house, age or even looks,
But rather in the Great Land how well one sets a choker, pans for gold, mends a web or baits a halibut hook
But before all stereotypes one tries to shed
Shed many but keep this one instead
A woman with a hat except one at Ascot Downs is a woman most men would like to meet
Probably why Starbucks is such an oasis in the chaos of work we slaving mortals wish to     greet
© May 6, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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