Tuesday, May 12, 2015

"H" Is For Hypocrite-Sorry Sue Grafton

If this were a Sue Grafton novel it would be "H" is for Hypocrite
But this is a nonfiction election piece we face I am sad to admit
Bu fiction in media praise and adoration for Hillary that will not quit
Hillary on equal pay for women on her staff to preach the issue is unfit
She pays her female staff much less than her staff that are males
Assuming she comes out of hibernation to meet the press will be amusing to face the issue on the campaign trail
On the issue of unaccountable campaign money we see a righteous, outraged assail
But she’ll raise at least a billion without fail
Listen to the holder of a private email server on transparency solemnly preach
Look at Clinton Cash to see the concealment of donations and speech topics so the truth to us would never reach
If she were the Queen of England as opposed to our wanna-be queen waiting to on the throne rest
The press could speak to her only after she had them addressed
But she is not yet and yet from the press and mere mortals she continues to hide
Believing that our attention span as to her many scandals will ultimately subside
More so than ever a leader who is trustworthy, honest, transparent is whom we thirst
Yet too many will vote for her not because she is fit but only that because she can be the first
History is not forgiving when its lessons we do not learn
If you vote for a symbol as opposed to a leader watch the world our role spurn
If you vote for someone with a transparency vow
Though knowing she will it quickly disavow
Then Gruber was right and we are a stupid race
Four more years of an Obama look alike instead of finding integrity to him replace
© May 12, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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