Friday, May 1, 2015

Is It a Bird, Copter, Kite or Baloon?

The news that the most recent gyro copter could have been  a kite , a balloon, weather system or a bird
Unknown, unstoppable, a mailman   as opposed to the first of a terrorist herd
Should cause the hairs of any American to quiver and turn gray or white
If the 911 hijackers could learn to fly large commercial airline jets it would be easy to fly gyro copters into the fight
The most restricted airspace has an Achilles Heal
Susceptible to a suicide bomber’s fatal zeal
Worse, in questions in public session one got the impression too many security chefs were trying to stir the pot
While waiting to point the finger of blame on another agency is a strategy that will come to naught
If radars to detect or differentiate these objects do not exist
How can we these intruders resist?
Maybe like the barrage balloons aloft during the Blitz
Dangling not cables for the Luftwaffe to hit
But fine thin mesh nets strong enough to a gyro copter snare
Gilled like a salmon or knocked out of the air
This concept may be a bit of an illusionary sci-fi
If we can jam frequencies to detonate IEDs that cause our soldiers to die
Cannot we create the jamming that would not allow the copters to fly?
How about infra red sensors aimed into the sky
If the heat signature of copter differs from that of a bird?
If not dangling falcon or hawk scarecrows that all birds would have deterred
Maybe an army of duck hunters armed with shotguns ready to blast
Any gyro copter however benign that tried to fly past
If all gyro copters have within a transponder that could not be removed and if not turned on it would not fly
We might have a chance to keep bomb laden gyro copters out of the sky
Alas, probably wishful thinking that in a classified session our feds have an answer that the problem solves
Because we know that when it comes to bringing terror to us, the radical Islamists have great resolve.
© May 1, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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