Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Blake Has Her City's Handout for Over $20 million

When it comes to describing Baltimore’s Stephanie Rawlings-Blake
Only one word will work and that word is “flake”
Her idiotic demand to give the thugs their space
Coupled with her stand down order while the thugs were torching Baltimore at an increasing pace
That she justified that if a store was looted or burnt to the ground
It was only property and protecting property if lives were not lost was not sound
It may have been only property to a person who with the private sector has had almost no contact
But to a business owner, the buildings, fixtures and inventory are the seed corn and the tools of livelihood not some idea abstract
After the fires were put out, damage starting to be repaired,
With the business owners trying to reopen and shake off their despair
A twenty million price tag the city will have to bear maybe more
With the private sector looking at over 10 million to reopen their doors
Stiff price to endure while anarchy blossomed throughout Baltimore’s streets
Yet like a deer frozen in the headlights, her inaction in seeking the Guard was complete
Her demands for justice not for the residents of Baltimore especially the cops damaged by the score
But only for Freddie Gray with the scales of justice tipped only in one way.
The last Blake flake straw that probably broke the police’s collective backs
Was the two step with Mosby bringing murder charges then against them having the deck of public opinion stacked
Police be they white or in Baltimore at least 50 percent black
Are human and probably not inclined to risk life and limb if the mayor does not have your back
Doubt that statement and tally the number of murders and that doubt will disappear
35 murders in May with the rest of the population living in fear
© May 27, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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