Monday, May 4, 2015

Jihadists in Garland Gunned Down

We all know that the police lay their lives on the line
Again and again far too many times
It takes a brave man armed only with probably a Glock
To try to two men in body armor with AK-47’s from a showing try to block
This unnamed cop was not a member of a SWAT team but faced a hail of AK-47 lead
He was a traffic cop not writing tickets but standing up to jihadists instead
Not sure the distance but have to believe unless within a few feet a Glock will not body armor penetrate
While any vest the cop was wearing any 7.62 round hitting it would decimate
He must have taken both jihadists down
With two well placed head shot rounds
This man is a hero unlike the school guard he was armed
Otherwise like the French gendarme in Paris would have met fatal harm
Already there are questions of whether the Muhammad cartoon contest was in good taste
Maybe, maybe not, but by any means no excuse for people viewing to try to waste.
The word needs to get out to these jihadists under the guise of having a thin skin
When the real goal is not to defend the Prophet but to kill, a goal you will not win
From the media it almost seems like the attack was a case of sexual assault
If you want to find blame look to the victim’s dress and her flirts as it must have been her fault
No, this is another act of war finally on our shores
Please Mr. President a plea to call it what it is once more
The police were well  prepared  for the jihadists almost like in ambush lying in wait
The cartoon contest drawings almost seemed like live jihadist  bait
Wonder like the stings that lure the wanted felons with big screen TVs as a winning prize
That this could be the way to lure the jihadists to receive a capturing surprise.
© May 4, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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