Thursday, May 14, 2015

Stephanopoulos' Secret Contribution to Clinton Foundation

When pundits and observers our political system have analyzed
Have reached a conclusion when it comes to solving issues it is growing paralyzed
It has become dysfunctional and the finger is pointed at party polarization to blame
Partially true, but the root cause may be the addiction for contributions we have not been able to tame
Over 2.6 billion spent by the Reds and Blues in the last presidential race
Including the PACs and Super PACs whose millions have added to this spending disgrace
Money is the mother’s milk of politics said Jess Unruh in a moment quite astute
Follow the money and look at the corruption, quid pro quo, and disenfranchisement that has taken root
Why should a citizen vote, address elected officials when they listen to only money as it only talks?
Security in staying in office the only goal; when it comes to the good of the nation rare is the politician who does not balk
A daily grind for a President, Senator or Representative is to campaign contributions stalk
No wonder we mere mortals feel that the lobbyists and major donors can and do the will of the people block
Access is a lobbyist’s, PAC’s or major donor’s holy grail
Quid pro quo when a politician has the funds to hit the campaign trail
Even the 5th Estate is not immune to contribute to political access seek

ABC’s Stephanopoulos gives to Clinton Foundation and tries to as a secret keep
Because he was motivated by its works or something more sinister to suggest?
Suspect it was access to interview the Clintons to feather his journalistic nest
Hillary and Bill, the concealment and secrecy pair
Have perfected the art of quid pro quo and access game beyond compare
From the days of the White House donor coffee meetings and turning the Lincoln Bedroom into a donor hotel of infinite stars
To bringing in millions for the Foundation and speaking millions for Bill in a quid pro quo bazaar
This government, with its grants, loans, and influence, has become a government a government for sale
The currency is not for votes from the people but dollars raised to be spent on the campaign trail
If we curtail free speech when a riot, treason or armed rebellion it seeks to incite
Why cannot we curtail this campaign contribution assault-on-our-democracy blight?
© May 14 , 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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