Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Nutrition Psychology and Dietary Adherence--Eat What You Want to Become

I was fortunate to hear a speech by a professor at Cal State Fullerton, noted for its Entrepreneurial program, baseball and from what I heard today its Psychology Department. Great Speech on Nutritional Psychology and Dietary Adherence. Michelle and her fruits and vegetables should listen to her and buy her book Mind Your Diet to be more successful. Poem is in reaction to her speech. 

                                               You Are What You Eat
You are what you eat; you eat what you want to become
Or escape from what you want to flee
Or catch the brass food ring
If we ate what our bodies really might need
We would live longer, healthier lives
But the nutritional mind is trumped by the emotional wants
And Michelle’s Kale leaves are scattered into the winds
Siren calls to sell products where more is not enough
Less is too often a diet failed
More and more of us on the obesity trail
Dieticians are like politicians with public works to dispense
But clueless on how the work is to be kept in repair
Psychologists are the true Jeckylls and Hydes
  The Hydes drive consumers to the food
With all emotional tricks in a polishied arsenal
The Jeckylls fight losing battles to reform contents of the bowls and plates
Food is a weapon look to the Bloody Lands
In peace and prosperity an internal cold war fought with ads
Napoleon once said an army travels on its stomach with provisions to eat
Without the right meals so hard to advance and an enemy defeat
But for the rest of us not on the march to the sound of guns
Hard for the mind to the eating tools’ march away from Hydes’ siren calls
Too many food choices with calories, fat, sugar, and salt aimed at our emotions
Poor Jeckyll on a soap box unheard at Hyde Park
While the food CEOs head straight to serving the emotion plates
Sever the mind and the reptile brain kicks in
Iron Mike to eat as much and as often to not in future starve
 Dinner date with fine wine uncorked to a shared bed
Held hostage to the nutrition Hydes
Yellow ribbons and oak trees
Or a wristband even if not in Japan
As a member of the DIET*
© May 6, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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