Friday, May 8, 2015

Clintons on Clinton Cash Attack

Not since the Brown Shirts who in Germany created bonfires that lit up the night
Fueled by thousands of books whose authors or viewpoints they disagreed or didn’t like
Have we seen such an attack on books until the attack by the Clintons on Clinton Cash
The literal bonfires of total war on the book and its author hoping that after their attacks there will be nothing left but ash
The Clintons and their foundation got caught with their hands in the ethics’ cookie jar
The Clinton playbook honed by a long history of scandals that survived even Ken Starr
And has been repeated again and again over almost thirty years
Sharpened to except in the bravest accuser to deal a lot of fear
Requires a no holds attack not on the on the message but the messenger to smear
Like Pavlovian dogs the Clinton minions dutifully rose to the attack
Slamming the author as a right wing conservative conspiracy hack
Given the author’s credentials and New York Times involvement they shifted to tact
It’s the Lance Armstrong defense to doping to the critics of him distract
Look at all the good work on cancer and money raised in its attack
Ignore the cheating by doping; it is what Lance had to do to win
Look at the great works of the Foundation is the Clinton spin
Slight problem with the Clinton Lance Armstrong defense when only ten or twelve percent
On the humanitarian goals of the Foundation was actually spent
Bill the master of the carefully crafted word solemnly proclaims I knowingly did not do anything wrong
Almost like his prior I did not have sexual relations with that woman Ms. Lewinsky song
If one is on the deception trail, knowingly becomes what one twist reality to be able to weave
A fabric of deception and blame others like the CPA to a "reality" one needs to believe
The hypocrisy of Hillary on “unaccountable” money is like acid eating through her Teflon scandal coat
As she approaches the super PACs for millions to her campaign war chest bloat
Unaccountable contributions are ruining the democracy she solemnly states
A constitutional amendment is needed as she passes around the PAC donation plate
The Clintons, Hillary and Bill, when it comes to concealment and deception are completely without shame
While others who dare question them and their foundation are totally to blame
We rightfully cannot trust Obama; do we really want four more years of lack of trust shame?
Isn’t it finally time to end the quid pro quo Clintons’ con game?
 © May 8, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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