Friday, May 22, 2015

Blumenthal Advises Hillary No Protests But Rice the Sacrifical Lamb

Slowly but surely like a glacier moving to reach the sea
The truth struggles to reach the waters to finally be free
For the Clintons deception and concealment has always been a piece of cake
No wonder in a fit of pique on Benghazi she could fire back “what difference does it make?”
Or to the families waiting for the coffins to land at Dover Air Force base
We’ll get the video maker with a false empathetic face
We now find more emails these from confidant Simon Blumenthal
Who from Obama his edict was to have no involvement with State at all
One day after the attack to Hillary his emails confirmed there was no protest behind the Benghazi attack
Yet Clinton to avoid getting snared sent Rice on the airways to the false story back
Being deceptive when dealing with Putin or the fanatics in Iran is expected territory in which she should dwell
But to her own nation to shore up her legacy and Obama’s reelection run is a more troubling sell
The perfect cover up by her to like a faithful lackey the President's reelection support
But to protect her send Rice out to be the sacrificial lamb with this false video report
One can only imagine the machinations and calculations as to who would be in 2016 the easiest for her to best
Running against an incumbent who would have led this nation out of this economic disaster, this economic mess
Or a repeat of the sequel of the Red survival island with the last man standing bled dry
Broken financially having ravaged fellow Reds would be hard for the survivor to her coronation defy
No matter the wounds of resentment of losing a nomination to Barack she was initially the odds on favorite to win
She would rather have Obama’s supporters as voters and donors to add to her election cash bin
She may be a smart woman adept at skirting the law
Trying so hard to overcome her fatal unlikeability flaw
But there is hope that her server which she erased to cover her tracks
Might find some damaging emails on the recovery track
Reviewing the scandals and the growing sense of dishonesty that every fiber of her body infects
The mantra other than old news must be a body completely corrupted has not fertile cells so we should here elect. © May 22, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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