Monday, May 4, 2015

Russian Bears in Alaskan Air

We have always known our land borders especially with Mexico are not secure
Just ask citizens living near the border daily the amount of illegal aliens they have to endure
Or look at the number of millions of illegals who now populate our cities
Barely a word of English, unskilled, uneducated, a sight not very pretty
At least we thought that with our coastlines our ocean shores were more difficult to breach
Over dangerous waters long distance a ship would have to sail until our shores to reach
We also had the comfort of DEW and the distances hostile forces would have to fly
That it would be difficult to be undetected if coming in from the sky
The myth of air security recently had its first crack
That early warning systems that work we may lack
Through the most restricted air space in the world an aerospace cordon sanitaire
The White House with missiles and aircraft to scramble to shoot down anything coming in from the air
Maybe a bomber but not a gyrocopter flying a few feet above the terrain
We are unable to tell if it’s a bird, a kite, balloon or recently a plane
The gods of fortunate smiled as this gyro copter was delivering protest mail
And not a bomb or worse plutonium to leave a radioactive trail
We now learn the Russians have been sending bombers to our defenses test
Bear bombers that nukes could carry seeing if their flights we could arrest
Two weeks ago they penetrated Alaskan airspace and then turned back
Only a training mission and not an actual precursor to a nuclear attack
No jets were scrambled giving the Russians a message that U.S. is not prepared
To defend itself against the lumbering Bears
If not against the lumbering Bears that are not stealth and should have be spotted hundreds of miles away
What king of readiness against the ICBMs and sub launched missiles does that lack of interception display?
Putin continues to flex his muscles and taunts and tests to see how the U.S. will react
A dangerous game of nuclear chicken when the players guess wrong for civilization no turning back
Little kids are taught never to play with matches as they cause all manner of things to burn
A serious lesson for leaders with nukes it would do well for all to learn.
Time to erase from Putin’s mind the failure of Obama’s idle threat of the line in the sand
A military aircraft entering foreign air space is fair game; shoot it down if you can’t force it to land.
Or send a B-2 that the Russians cannot detect
And over a Siberian naval base a dummy bomb with “No More” stenciled eject.
© May 4, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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