Friday, May 15, 2015

100 speeches 25 million 15 months--quid pro quo in future?

Talk about the one percent of the wealthy getting rich
While the rest of us mere mortals can only bitch,
Watch the black SUVS in motorcade drive by as we dive into a ditch
This couple has been blessed by the goddess Tyche
As Hillary became more apparent as the Blue nominee
She and Bill went on a speaking spree
From January of 14 to May of this year 100 speeches at an average 250 k a pop
Why would any organization that kind of money on a speaker plop?
Bill may be brilliant as a speaker but over 4 grand for each minute of wisdom he shares?
No way to break even unless big sponsors seeking favors as you couldn’t fill enough chairs
Hillary as a speaker is probably in the shadow of Bill and prone to error and misspeak
Like corporations don’t create jobs which is not only wrong but as an economic point very weak
Consistent with Clinton Cash which their lackey NBC anchorman George tried to trash
These speaking fees must be the down payment for the quid pro quos to really get a return on their cash
Since with a 10 million advance in her hands but she believed herself to be “dead broke”
She and Bill are like addicts with the drug of choice money to which they are yoked
More and more money to add to their wealth
As long as the favors can be given in stealth
A Secretary of State has great power but compared to a president the office is Jayvee
Imagine with her as president how much more the Foundation and Bill will be shaking the donors’ money trees
We have seen the pattern of linkage of donations and speeches to her acts as Secretary of State
Clinton Cash provides a chilling reminder of the secrecy, concealment, and influence peddling that for this nation will await
If with this poet you disagree watch the speaking fees almost disappear
If she loses, no favors to grant and the market will not pay for what the Clintons think you want to hear
© May 15 , 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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