Friday, May 29, 2015

Money Votes Blatter Reellected

When it comes to sport, soccer at the World Cup Level is corrupted both on and off the field
On the field, the winner is the best actor whose theatrics a penalty kick will yield
Off the field, should not be a shock,
Bribes in the millions are the only walk
Ethics and purity of the sport are idle talk
Any attempt to clean up Fifa, Sepp Blatter balks
For Fifa, it would seem that only money matters
How else could one explain the reelection of Sepp Blatter
150 million dollars in bribes to six key Fifa men
Yet the voters knowing the money would still be flowing, voted him in again
One would hope that the FBI has not finished with its investigation of the bribery trails
That should prove that the World Cup site award to Qatar and Russia were a sale
When one thinks of all the soccer moms in this country starting their kids in AYSO
To learn not only the game but sportsmanship and teamwork not the cutting of corners or the refs to snow
At the pinnacle of the sport to realize it’s all one big bribery show
Rigged in favor of the smaller nations with Blatter making any reforms very, very slow
Six Billion dollars in four years for Blatter in secret to bestow
How much to himself is a best kept secret that only he knows
Transparency is something needed in government and just as needed in a ruling body of a sport
When it comes to transparency in Fifa, it and Blatter fall woefully short
Because of his allocation of funds to the voting members he will be there until he dies
The will of the fans and bribery scandals he can defy
The industrialized world should deliver an ultimatum that he must resign
Or the industrialized world will form its own Fifa with a transparency design
Plus it will link its foreign aid to countries where corruption often reigns
To those whose Blatter’s corruption they will no longer deign
Time to form a new World Cup and Fifa’s existing sponsors boycott
A fish from the head always rots
Ethics and transparency in soccer should matter
Time to get rid of Sepp Blatter
© May 29, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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