Friday, May 15, 2015

Brian Williams deja vu

It is a natural human trait to  embellish
The victories and memories that humans like to relish
The fish get bigger, the swim longer, the applause lauder, the speech always well received
We are all to some extent actors on a stage and desire only to embellish not to deceive
Brian Williams may have felt the need to be viewed as a warrior not merely a journalist along for a ride
But self-embellishment shows that a journalist by the laws of reporting cannot abide
NBC did the right thing as the self puffery started to unfold
For these miscues Brian Williams soon found himself out in the cold
Touting himself did not otherwise his reporting to the events of our troops on the ground  distort
No attempt to slant that  coverage or otherwise file as to them an inaccurate report
After all the story should be about the event the press was covering
Not about whether his helicopter was hit by ground fire while coming in or hovering
Stephanopoulos’ miscues are of a far different and troubling sort
His linkage to the Clinton Foundation which was the topic of the Clinton Cash report
Was concealed from the audience and from his ABC boss
How could an anchor somehow have had such an ethics loss?
Compare the no evidence mantra of Bill Clinton to George’s interview more like a cross exam
His journalistic objectivity appears as a complete sham
Advocacy reporting on Clinton Cash has in journalism no place
His failure to report his contributions is an utter disgrace
We all knew he had for more than four months for the Clintons worked
But many were duped to believe that advocacy in reporting he had shirked
Today we find that not to be the case
ABC and journalism in general he has debased
In the political news arena his credibility as a news reporter or anchor
Is totally shot—a conclusion made without bias or rancor
He should be relegated to sports or movies or better yet; he should be fired or resign
Should not be a hardship as the Clinton Foundation rewards those who toe the Hillary line.
© May 15 , 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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