Friday, May 15, 2015

Beware of Greeks Bearing Journalism Titles

Every since the time of Homer and the fall of Troy
“Beware of Greeks bearing gifts” to a nation to then destroy
Today after learning of yet more Clinton Foundation gifts
From a political  hack disguised as a “journalist” as his objectivity shifts
Today the warning should be "beware of Greeks in a "journalist" role
Especially one like Stephanopoulos who has sold to the Clintons his objective soul
When an analyst reviews a stock, to retain credibility he will reveal
Whether he or his affiliates own it and not that ownership conceal
At ABC “journalists” like this short Greek must have different rules
Once a political hack, always a political hack, concealment and secrecy are  useful tools
25 k a year to the Clinton Foundation, a major topic of Clinton Cash
Listen to his interview scripted from the Clinton playbook aimed at turning the book into  ash
How dare he attack the author for having worked four months for Bush  some eight years in the past
When he has had a working relationship with Bill that has and will forever last
How dare he tarnish what little objective reputation ABC might still possess
With a most likely false assertion it found nothing suspect in the quid pro quo allegations to address
How dare he with a pompous prosecutorial cross exam like flare
Conceal the fact that he contributed to the Foundation, trying to the cloak of objectivity wear
The Clinton Foundation may do some good work but at a terrible ethical cost
Donations going in to curry Hillary and huge speaking fees for Bill as the quid pro quo cost
There are hundreds of charities for hundreds of worthwhile causes
Almost all of which do not have the Clintons’ skirting of conflict of interest laws.
 Yet this hack hiding his Foundation contributions to other charities probably has  turned a blind eye
When it comes to being on the give money friend list he would never want to take a bye
So when it comes to Stephanopoulos henceforth we must all Trojans become
From this Greek his gift of “journalism” we should not watch and forever shun
He does not belong in his ABC exalted roll; his acts are worse than Brian Williams’ need to exaggerate
He has brought shame and dishonor on what this nation needs more than ever—an objective 4th Estate
© May 15 , 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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