Thursday, May 7, 2015

Senate Votes Iran Releases Ship and Crew

Maybe it is but mere coincidence of the Senate's vote but in the case of piracy Iran blinked
Moving the U.S. and Iran back from a naval engagement brink
The Marshall Islands cargo ship seized by the Iranians under supposedly the guise of a legal dispute
 Echos back to the Barbary Pirates and our early cries of not a penny for tribute
News are that the Iranians released the ship and its crew
An olive branch to move the nuke talks forward is how we should construe?
Earlier the navy with the carrier Roosevelt put to sea with an Iranian convey Yemen bound
Advanced weapons for their puppet rebels and with some sanity it was turned around
The Senate in about as purple vote as you could ever find
98-1 that the Senate may determine whether Obama’s Iran deal to unwind
Maybe the “Death to America” chants and the realization that Iran will cheat
Realization in Ayatollah land that their agreement due to their acts may go down to defeat
Since Israel most likely has nukes hours away of assembling to blast off at Iran
Iran’s threats to destroy the Jewish state may be just for the masses a grandstand
The Senate would most likely depurple if Iran affirmed Israel’s right to exist
Obama’s rush to his legacy would then be much harder to resist
© May 7, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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