Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Prof Grundy Is a Racist of Nth Degree

If Boston U is serious about academic diversity and academic freedom, it needs to rethink a latest hire
Before Ms. Grundy enters the campus her position at Boston U, the university should retire
First we have the racist comments about white masculinity being the problem on her tweets
Never occurred to this shallow sociologist that male black abandonment is putting moms and kids in the poverty seat
Real men with masculinity oozing from each and every pore
Do not knock up their “girlfriends” and walk out forever from the bedroom door
You do not need to be a sociologist to see the black family unit in near total collapse
Three out of four born out of wedlock and doomed to be snared in the poverty and criminal traps
Academic freedom is a noble goal and ideas should be given free discussion range
But given Ms. Grundy’s racial bias, any white student especially male taking her class would be either really stupid or deranged
Dime against a dollar, Ms. Grundy would give that poor student a failing or mediocre grade
This woman is a racist trying to as a professor seeking knowledge fool us in a total masquerade
Worse it would appear that her hot button is not just white men testosterone prone
She is also Facebooking on white girls being raped with zero compassion and understanding shone
One would hope that someone has into her Facebook account hacked
If not, her comments to a rape victim are outrageous and she should be sacked
BU needs to act before this racist comes on board and is on a tenure track
Weak apologies will not dial her true racist’s feelings back
If I were a donor white or black I would find another recipient for my dough
Her racism has no place in an academic environment— she has to go
The more she tweets and we learn of the ingrained racist bias of Ms. Grundy
The sooner we should flush her from BU faster than a tide emptying from the Bay of Fundy
© May 19, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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